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Landscape and Garden Design Book
Landscape and Garden Design Book

A Classical Influence for Today's Gardens


By Jenny & Neil Delmage


RRP: $49.95 (Free post in WA)


216 pages


ISBN - 978-0-646-94168-4

This book describes the philosophies we employ in all our gardens, both large and small.


Inspired by the spring gardens of Europe, which we visit in our first chapter, the other three chapters show a spring collection of gardens we have designed in Australia, with the themes of: Form and Design, Colour and Texture, and Mood and Lifestyle.


We hope our pictorial display will inspire you when creating your own garden - and make you feel about spring exactly the way we do.

Neil Delmage has always had a keen interest in the environment and gardens. After extensive overseas travels he settled down to designing and constructing gardens that have distinctive sense of place. Taking inspiration from the dry Mediterranean gardens of France and Italy, Neil creates gardens with his own distinctive design features and a unique Australian style.


Jenny Delmage brings a sense of scale and architecture with her past experience in architectural drafting and graphic design. With this ability she is able to artistically draw intricate plans and perspectives that capture the mood of their work. Together they combine to bring a unique sense of place to their projects, producing water sensitive gardens that are timeless and are mindful of the environment.

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