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Nedlands Project - Creating A Family Garden

The complete process of this garden, and all of our gardens, is a journey from design to reality. The basis of a successful garden starts with a good design and the sensible use of space. Always taking into consideration the clients needs and the size of the block is important. Sensible use of plants for the space that they are put in can be the make or break of a gardens longevity. Soil preparation is critical to the plants survival.

This garden was specifically designed for a young family to grow up in, fragrance, room for kids to play and discover nature through all seasons. Herbs and veggies based on organic principals have been used here. This garden will be biodiverse full of birds, beneficial insects and a wonderful place for a young family to grow up in. Once this garden matures to its capacity it will be full of summer shade, winter sun, blur the boundaries and give endless pleasure to who ever is in it.

This garden is now gently maintained by Little lotus design. The garden here is 6 months old and we continue to watch it grow and look forward to its future.

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