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BEWARE of the Strelitzia Nicolai

Strelitzia Nicolai – cute as a baby but wow when they grow up ! Be careful where you plant them. Great in a pot but not in the ground, in a small space, by a wall, next to a pool.

We were called in to redesign this courtyard and discovered a 7 year old Strelitzia Nicolai planted in a brick planter. Problem – these two have now cracked the adjoining neighbours wall bringing water into the lounge room.

This is an example of irresponsible plant knowledge and have noticed the trend today by up and coming new landscape designers to use these in similar situations. Irresponsible plantings can lead to expensive mistakes later on. There are similar alternatives – contact us.

Bottom image is of a 10 year old Strelitzia Nicolai planted in Margaret River, beautiful specimen!

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